LIve Recording Session

Listen live to the voice-talent in sync with your film!

Would you like to direct your voice recording(or just listen to it) while I record it? No problem, let's do a live-voice-recording-session. Via Skype or SessionLink you can easily join the voice recording session from anywhere in the world. You can even listen live to the voice-talent in sync with your film!

Live Voice Recording via Skype

Live via Skype

In my studio Skype is connected directly to the studio-microphone. You’ll hear the voice-over in a very good sound quality. In parallel, I will stream your film to you, so that you hear the voice-talent in sync with the video: like this you can instantly and optimally assess the voice recording.

Another advantage: Skype is also available as an app for mobile phones. So you can even join the voice recording session on the go. That’s perfect assessment over your voice recordings - from anywhere!


How does a Skype recording session work?

  • You send me your text and maybe your film.
  • We make an appointment for a Skype session.
  • My Skype name is: Sprecherstudio.
  • You direct the voice recording in sync to your video.
  • Afterwards you can download the voice recordings from my server.
  • We are both happy! :-)

Live Voice Recording via SessionLink

Live via SessionLink

SessionLink Pro is a professional way to connect a voice-talent directly to a recording studio. The studio itself can then record the voice-actor in professional sound quality. I have done a lot of successful productions this way from 30-sec spots up to 90-minutes tv-documentaries.

SessionLink Pro is also great if you do not have Skype or are not allowed to use it at your office. All you need is Google Chrome, headphones and a microphone (e.g. your Laptop's microphone) - and we are ready to start.


How does SessionLink Pro work?

  • You send me your script and maybe your video.
  • I'll send you two links which you open in Google Chrome.
  • One link is for the voice over, the second for the film.
  • You direct the voice recordings.
  • You record the voice-talent yourself or I'll send you the final recordings afterwards.
  • That’s it already! Great, isn’t it?